Welcome to Saket Indian Restaurant

The Ethnic Taste of India – Authentic Indian Cuisine

Saket, a word derived from the ancient language Sanskrit, meaning a place where God resides. In India, food plays a significant role in the religious and spiritual practices of India. It is considered divine and worshipped like God because it performs the functions of creation and preservation. It provides nourishiment and energy to our body acting as a sustainer of life.
At Saket, we aim to serve food with the same significance and provide a satisfying meal to our customers. To achieve this, we use culinary spices and traditional methods of Indian cooking.
We invite you to a delightful, pleasurable visit to Saket Indian Restaurant with a welcome from the bottom of our hearts.

Best quality Indian food in Christchurch

Our food quality is second to none. All our food is prepared fresh on demand from fresh ingredients. This ensures our dishes are healthy, nutritious and best of all, delivers the best mouth-watering Indian flavour that you can ever think of.

Our food comes in different dietary requirements. So, if you have a specific dietary need and you want your food prepared with specific ingredients, we are more than happy to accommodate your dietary needs.

We offer various options for vegetarian diners, vegan diners, dairy-free choices, gluten-free choices, and as well as how your mode is for a hot and spicy experience.

Fine dining experience in Christchurch

If you are looking for a very fine dining experience in Christchurch, then Saket Indian Restaurant offers you the best of it. Come to Saket Indian Restaurant and experience it in authentic Indian style where everything looks and tastes ethnic Indian.

Our range of food is so extensive that it will satisfy any range of appetite and desire. At Saket Indian Restaurant we know no limits. We can cater for any size of groups whether it is a very romantic couple dine-out, a family get-together, birthday party, work function, or anything else, we can accommodate and facilitate the occasion.

We are conveniently located at 76 Edgeware Road, St Albans with parking facility in the back of the shopping complex.